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03rd Oct 2017

Grooming dos and don’ts before a formal occasion

Put your best foot forward


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Fix up, look sharp.

Formal occasions are a chance to dust down your sharpest suit and put your best foot forward.

Let’s be honest – most of us can scrub up reasonably well once we get suited and booted. We may not transform into Don Draper but we’d definitely pass for a reasonably upstanding member of society!

They say that clothes maketh the man but some good grooming can also go a long way. So if you’ve a wedding or a debs coming up, these simple tips will help you get your grooming right for the big day.

1. Avoid drastic haircuts

Maybe your barber is a consummate pro who gets it perfect every time. If so, a last-minute haircut might be OK. For most of us, getting it a few days in advance gives you a chance to work out how to wear it if it’s not exactly what you wanted. And for pasty Irish lads, it gives time for any pale skin around the edges to fade!

2. Get your skin right in advance

Nobody wants spots or breakouts on the big day. Start using a daily face wash a few weeks ahead of time and moisturise afterwards to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. An occasional face scrub will also help. This kind of groundwork will work wonders by the time the event comes around.

3. Don’t shave at the last minute

A last-minute shave might give you a close cut but you also risk last-minute nicks, red rashes or irritable skin. Plus, the combination of irritated skin and a stiff shirt collar is not much fun. Shave a few hours before the event for the best results. Shaving after a shower is also a top tip for a tighter cut.

4. Tidy up the face fuzz

If you’ve a fuller beard, cut it a week or so in advance and let it grow out into the cut. You can tidy the edges nearer the time. Even with a tight beard, avoid last-minute maintenance. Many a beard has been shaved off after a trim went horribly wrong. Remember that scene where Father Ted tries to hammer a dent out of a car? If you don’t trust yourself to get it right, call into a barber for a quick trim!

5. Attack that nose hair

There’s nothing worse than nose hairs that look like they’re making a break for freedom. Use a scissors to trim any protruding hairs and quell that nostril revolution.

6. It takes two when it comes to eyebrows

Use a tweezer to pick off any hairs that are trying to start a monobrow movement and trim any rogue eyebrow hairs that make you look crazy. Don’t go mad though – tidying things up is one thing but you don’t want to overdo it.

7. Get a good antiperspirant

Sweaty pits aren’t a good look but it’s easy to get overheated in a suit. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about your pits on the night. Find a reliable 12-hour or 24-hour antiperspirant that works in the run-up to the event and you can be confident and dry on the night.

8. Don’t drown yourself in aftershave

With aftershave, a little goes a long way. If people’s eyes start watering when you’re in their immediate vicinity, that’s probably too much aftershave.

9. Take care of the little things

Details matter. Trim your nails, have some mints handy to freshen up your breath and make sure you’ve everything ready to go in advance. Simple things like this all add to the overall effect and ensure that you feel fresh, confident and ready to enjoy yourself on the day.

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Brought to you by Dunnes Stores.

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