The best bits of growing up as a 90s kid 5 years ago

The best bits of growing up as a 90s kid

Brought to you by new Club Zero Super Split. 

Any 90s kids out there?


Anyone who grew up in the 90s remembers the late, great Super Split ice cream. Club has just released a tribute to that 90s classic with their new Club Zero Super Split drink and that got us thinking about the best things about growing up in the 90s.

So strap yourselves in, cast your mind back to the days of Brit Pop and bowl cuts and get ready to enjoy a little bit of indulgent nostalgia. These are our best bits!

1. The Simpsons was the best show on TV


It was a Golden Age and we didn’t even realise it.

2. There were no camera phones


You could safely make a total and utter eejit of yourself back in the 90s, safe in the knowledge that it would only be seen by the people who were standing around you at the time.

3. MTV played music

Hard to believe, we know. Before all those terrible reality shows, it was just wall-to-wall music videos.


4. Taping songs from the radio

It was like a musical form of fishing. Finger poised on “Play” and “Record,” you’d wait for just the right moment and pray that the DJ didn’t talk all over the intro.

5. The summer of 1995


The. Hottest. Summer. Ever. If you weren’t there, you don’t know. That summer is like ‘Nam for Irish people of a certain vintage.

No amount of super splits could keep you cool and the soundtrack for the summer was the sound of thermometers exploding.

6. Facts were debatable

There was no checking Wikipedia back then. Anything was true if you could make a convincing enough argument.

7. Playing football with your collar up

Not just a fashion choice. Playing football with your collar up was a statement of intent.

8. There was no social media

You had to go outside to be sociable. The closest thing to FOMO was getting an engaged tone when you tried to phone your best mate.

9. Coming home when you were hungry

We were probably the last generation that was told to “Go outside and play and don’t come back until you’re hungry.”

10. Live football scores on Aertel

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

11. Pluto was a planet

You can’t take that ninth planet away from us. We’re keeping Pluto, whether you like it or not.

12. The internet was a novelty…

Back in the 90s, it was still a fresh and unsullied place full of hope and optimism. Believe it or not, you could spend hours on the net without encountering trolls, abuse or racial/political intolerance. Yeah, we know.

13. …Even if everything took ages to load

Dial-up was minus craic. But that feeling of satisfaction when a page finally loaded was hard to beat!

14. The economy

That Celtic Tiger was purring away and the world was a place of hope, optimism and decent weekly pocket money. What could possibly go wrong!?

15. Kids' TV in the 90s

Simply the best. This isn’t even up for debate.

16. Donald Trump was just a guy from Home Alone

Simpler times…

17. The Irish football team

Keane, McGrath, Irwin, Bonner, Whelan, Houghton and Aldridge to name but a few. Big names for big games.

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Brought to you by new Club Zero Super Split.