Guinness drinkers will recoil in horror at this monstrosity of a pint 3 years ago

Guinness drinkers will recoil in horror at this monstrosity of a pint

There is no God.

An unprecedented heatwave like no other in Ireland. Tipperary and Mayo already knocked out of the All-Ireland in hurling and football respectively. England reaching the World Cup semi-finals.


This truly is the end of days.

Ok, we're not going to be that dramatic but we're fairly certain that one of these things can be interpreted as a clear sign that the apocalypse is imminent and if Guinness drinkers are looking for another example that God has abandoned his usual plans and gone rogue, this monstrosity of a pint that was ordered in Seattle should do the trick.

Ross Maghielse is the audience development manager for the Philadelphia Inquirer - he previously worked at The Guardian and Facebook - and he said that a patron at a Seattle sports bar recently ordered a Guinness and Sprite.

Basically, a Guinness shandy, and while some people are familiar with this devil's brew, this waste of a perfectly good pint of the black stuff has left others aghast.

Ok, a Black Velvet is grand and some people are even partial to topping up their pint of Guinness with a little bit of blackcurrant, but we're just not having this one.

It's good to see that we're not the only ones.