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09th Sep 2017

This guy smuggled booze into a music festival in the most ingenious way imaginable

This took weeks of preparation

Wil Jones

Alcohol at music festivals can be ridiculously expensive.

We understand why security will usually take it off you on the way in – glass bottles can be dangerous, and if people get too wasted too quickly, it’s no fun for anyone. But once you’re in there, you’re a captive market with no other option than to pay over a fiver for a warm pint of lager.

Obviously, we would never condone sneaking in your own booze – but we have to admire the ingenuity of an American festival-goer by the name of Alex. He was heading to the Electric Zoo festival in New York City, but didn’t want to pay festival prices. And he had a plan – an utterly genius plan.

He travelled to Randall’s Island, the location of Electric Zoo, three weeks before the festival was due to take place. Once there, he buried a bottle of vodka in the ground, before the crew had even started constructing the festival site, and made a note of the location on GPS.

Then, on the day of the festival, it was just a case of digging up his vodka – which we’re sure tasted all that sweeter because of the price.

That is incredible.

According to Indy100, Alex explained:

I’ve been going to Electric Zoo for over four years now so I know the layout very wellThe planning of the burial was simple. We used Google maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where it would be. Then we waited.

The objective once we got into the festival was to remove the bottle without attracting attention. The hardest part was trying not to raise any suspicions because there’s quite a lot of cameras and festival staff around. Once we got to the GPS spot, we all huddled around it. I did a double take to make sure we were in the clear and then one of us dug up the vodka.

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