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20th Nov 2013

Head to JOE: The Christmas Party style guide

Putting together the perfect outfit for the Christmas party is no mean feat, so JOE is here to lend a helping hand


Putting together the perfect outfit for the Christmas party is no mean feat, so JOE is here to lend a helping hand

When heading out for the work Christmas do, there will be the odd person who wears the ironic-but-not-ironic-anymore mass-produced Christmas jumper with a slogan on it that says something like ‘Jingle my bells’ on it. Don’t let that person be you.

JOE is here to lend a helping hand on how to get the right look that’s not too smart, not too casual, and will have all the girls who normally don’t say a word to you in the lift wondering who the snappily dressed guy in the corner is.

Start from the bottom up, a good solid boot will help you tread the line between formal and casual, and pairing it with some jeans is an easy way to continue that look. You don’t want to rock up to the party in the full suit from the office, but neither should you show up in a pair of tracksuit bottoms, it’s about finding the right balance.

These Ben Sherman Chelsea boots are plain and classic, but will make sure that you’re not wearing the loafers from your work suit out to the pub. You should go slim and fitted on the jeans, which doesn’t mean that you need to get skinny, but something that won’t be dragging along the floor like a 1970s disco dancer. Levi’s will have the answer when it comes to denim, and these 511 slim fit should do the job nicely.

On top, a crisp white shirt will look perfect, provided you can manage to keep yourself and those around you from spilling drinks on it, we know how these things go. A nice fitted Fred Perry shirt will look good even if you just wear it on its own, but partner it with this Joe Browns tweed blazer and you’ll be the best-dressed man at the party.

When it comes to accessories, the details will be the real difference maker. That means watches, ties, and pocket squares, if you want to really stand out go for a bow tie. We’ve chosen this simple and classic timepiece from French Connection, but there’s a huge selection to choose from on with something for every taste. Definitely get a belt too, no outfit is complete without a good belt.

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