Heading up North? Check out these must-try experiences in Northern Ireland 5 years ago

Heading up North? Check out these must-try experiences in Northern Ireland

Fancy trying out a new, unforgettable experience?

There are so many great experiences to be had in Northern Ireland and one of the most appealing aspects is the fact that it’s only an hour up the road from Dublin.


Once you’re on the M1 heading north you’re practically there.

You’ll find plenty to do by just exploring the place yourself, but we’ve picked out ten top experiences that are well worth checking out.

Sit down for a relaxing pint in the Duke of York Pub, Belfast

Known for it’s Temple Bar like feel, the Duke of York offers a traditional Belfast welcome of craic, music, humour, but most importantly, fine drink and even finer food.


There’s regular Trad sessions taking place in the Duke of York, but it’s also a great spot to just have a nice relaxing pint. Perfect for when your other half decides to do a bit of shopping around the city.

Go stargazing at Armagh Planetarium, Armagh


Have you always wanted to travel to space, but we’re kept back by your love of mammy’s home-cooked meals, along with your obvious lack of astronaut training?


Then you’re in luck, as you can travel to the International Space Station and journey outwards to Mars at the Armagh Planetarium. Granted, you’ll remain on terra firma, but we hear it’s cold in space anyway.

Unleash your inner explorer at the Mourne Mountains, Down

Not only are the Mourne Mountains one of Ireland’s most scenic areas and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), they are quite simply an adventurer’s paradise.



There’s also some killer mountain bike trails along the Mourne Mountains, so if you’re an adrenaline junkie you could always stick the bike on the back of the car or rent one from the local areas. Just make sure to bring a camera.

Recreate Game of Thrones scenes on a film locations tour

Are you a Game of Thrones fan and interested in finding out more about the epic Game Of Thrones filming locations? Of course you are. Everyone watches Game of Thrones, by law. Right?


GOT locationsVarious Game Of Thrones locations in NI

Anyway, Northern Ireland is home to much of the iconic scenery featured in the hit show and there are several tours that will guide you through these stunning locations. Some of the tours even let you dress like the characters and have an archery experience! Now that sounds epic…

Taste the freshest Bushmills Whiskey straight from the Old Distillery, Antrim

Did you know that Bushmills' Irish Whiskey is made at Ireland’s oldest working distillery in County Antrim, Northern Ireland?



Well it is, and the Bushmills' Brand Experience offers guided tours around the working distillery with all the associated sights and smells, tutored whiskey tastings, a specialist whiskey shop and a well-stocked gift shop with exclusive Bushmills merchandise. This is perfect for anyone fond of a bit of uisce beatha.

Do your time in the Crumlin Road Gaol, Antrim

Take a guided tour of Crumlin Road Gaol, hear about the history of the site and learn about why the decision was taken to close the prison. Was it spooky ghosts?

Crumlin gaol

You’ll have to head along to find out… Probably was spooky ghosts though, and they would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids.

Travel back in time at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Down

That's right folks, you can step back in time and uncover a way of life from 100 years ago as you chat to costumed visitor guides at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

TrainsDon’t worry, they also have a DeLorean that will get you back to the present, but only if you can get it up to 88mph.

So good luck with that.

Stand in the dock where Titanic was built, Belfast

The Pump-House was once the beating heart of Harland & Wolff’s operation during the construction of the great RMS Titanic. Now it stands as the last publicly accessible intact piece of the Titanic’s great legacy.


The Thompson Dock itself is the footprint of Titanic and provides an amazing representation of the scale of the ship. It really is an awesome experience.

Have the craic in a Belfast taxi tour with a local guide

Take an authentic taxi tour around Belfast Quarters with a local guide, featuring more local stories and wit than you can imagine.

You’ll start your tour in the City Centre, then move through the shipyards and see where RMS Titanic was built and launched from.


You’ll also get to see and learn about the political districts, before seeing the elegant University Quarter and Museum district.

For more info and everything you need to know about Northern Ireland head over to the Discover Northern Ireland website.