Here are the 10 worst clamping spots in Dublin 4 years ago

Here are the 10 worst clamping spots in Dublin

Take note.

Being clamped absolutely sucks because not only does it mess up your immediate plans, it also makes you angrier than The Incredible Hulk after being kicked in the balls...we presume someone can reach his liathroidi's.

According to a new poll that was reported by the Irish Mirror, more than 1,100 people have attempted to take their clamps off by themselves. Proof that Homer Simpson is clearly having an influence, it must have been all that crab juice.

Homer Clamp

If you're living in Dublin and want to avoid all of this unnecessary grief then be careful when you're in these 10 areas.

  • Ormond Quay Upper
  • Mespil Road
  • Burlington Street
  • Wolf Tone Street
  • Waterloo Road
  • Merrion Square West
  • Molesworth Street
  • Gardiner Street Lower
  • Earlsfort Terrace
  • The National Maternity Hospital