Here are the secrets your takeaway delivery man knows about you 5 years ago

Here are the secrets your takeaway delivery man knows about you

Friends, family and the takeaway delivery man... that's a list of the people who know your secrets.

Snigger all you want, but when you actually think about, the delivery man does have a wealth of peculiar and strange knowledge about your life.


Luckily for you, JOE, with thanks to JUST EAT, are about to give you an insight into what these people know.

Look away now if you're the squeamish type. Here's a list of secrets your delivery person knows about you...

That you're a creature of habit

Chicken balls, curry sauce, chips and egg fried rice. Every Wednesday. For years now... and your delivery man knows this only too well.


Your plans aren't as fantastic as you pretend they are on social media

#caughtredhanded #embarrassed #toomanyhashtags



They know when you're short on cash

The fact you never tip on the third Thursday of each month is a dead give away.



When you're feeling adventurous

Chicken balls, sweet and sour sauce, chips and boiled rice. Well, you were due a change.


They also know you're in denial


21 inch pizza, garlic bread, wedges and a DIET coke. Cop yourself on, will'ya!


They also know where you live, what hours you're at home and when you sit down for your meals...

That's not important because they bring tasty food and we love them for it.



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