Here's how you can get your own face on a pint of Guinness 1 year ago

Here's how you can get your own face on a pint of Guinness

At some point in time...

We've all looked at a pint of plain and thought "That pint has my name on it". But now, Guinness Storehouse is going one better... and putting our faces on their pints.

Launching on 1 November, visitors to the Guinness Storehouse will be able to get a "STOUTie" — a picture perfect pint featuring your selfie on the head of the iconic black and white stout.

"In the true spirit of innovation, The STOUTie pushes the boundaries, using technology to add millions of natural malt molecules to the top of the Guinness pint to create the chosen design. The iconic black and white stout provides the perfect canvas for a sepia toned selfie".

Just think of the Instagram opportunities.

The Guinness art will be launched as part of the International Stout Festival, a "unique four-day beer experience taking place from Thursday, 1 November until Sunday 4 November". The festival will take place at the Guinness Storehouse. Tickets for the festival can be purchased here.

Speaking about the Guinness STOUTie, Stephen Kilcullen, Head of Quality & Master Brewer said, “Here at the home of Guinness we are at the heart of innovation and experimentation. Guinness Draught was the first beer to use nitrogen and we are really proud to introduce The STOUTie technology


"The Nitrogen bubbles are tiny and because of this form beautiful layers of creamy smoothness, creating a long-lasting head and resulting in the distinctive cascade of millions of bubbles now known as the ‘surge and settle’. The iconic creamy head of Guinness is the perfect canvas for The STOUTie and where else would you get this perfect pint experience other than at the Guinness Storehouse?”