Here's what those Be More Tullamore billboards in Dublin are all about 2 months ago

Here's what those Be More Tullamore billboards in Dublin are all about

These tongue-in-cheek billboards have been spotted going up around town.

If you've been bopping about Dublin City lately, you may have noticed some interesting additions to various buildings around town.


We're talking, of course, about the brand-new Be More Tullamore billboards that have been popping up all over Dublin. These bad boys have been celebrating Tullamorians, and you may have spotted one near the Ferryman Pub in Dublin's docklands, which went up yesterday.

If they left you scratching your head, we've gotten to the bottom of these billboards, and as it happens, they're the result of a brand new campaign from the folks at Tullamore D.E.W.

You see, this iconic Irish whiskey brand was first established in this Offaly town in 1829, and today, almost 200 years later, the Tullamore locals remain a vital part of Tullamore D.E.W. In fact, over 100 Tullamore locals are currently employed by Tullamore D.E.W., and this latest campaign is a celebration of their character.


Commenting on the special relationship between the town of Tullamore and Tullamore D.E.W., senior brand manager Emma Slevin said: "Being the world's second-largest Irish whiskey brand, we're proud of our journey, but even more proud of our roots. Tullamore is more than a name; it's our home. We wanted to share a little of what makes Tullamore town so special with the world, so we're very excited to today launch our new campaign that does just this, in countries right across the globe."

The Be More Tullamore campaign is a love letter to the folks of Tullamore in the age of social media and the influencer. It celebrates community spirit, friendly goodwill and honest connections, and it features real Tullamorians on the billboard.

And sure, couldn't we all do with being a little bit more Tullamore?

Keep your eyes peeled for these quippy billboards as they pop up throughout town!