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05th Jan 2019

Fans have some strong opinions about a newly revealed Hogwarts fact

Rory Cashin


Some questions don’t need asking. And definitely don’t need answering.

Well. Here we are. We never expecto-d to be discussing the bowel movements of fictional wizards and witches, but here we are.

As part of National Trivia Day, the Twitter account Pottermore – aka the digital heart of J.K. Rowling’s World Of Wizarding – decided to drop this revelation:


When they say they “vanished” it, does that mean they sent it somewhere else? Is someone about to stand in a suddenly appearing pile of poo? Or does it mean they simply made it invisible, so someone might still stand in the poo, they just won’t see where the smell is coming from? There are so many questions here, and yet we kind of don’t want ANY of them answered.

Regardless, fans had some pointed reactions about having to even think about this whole subject:

Regardless, one thing we can all agree on is that we’re very excited for the new Hogwarts adventure…

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