Identical triplets born in Dublin hospital on New Year's Day 1 year ago

Identical triplets born in Dublin hospital on New Year's Day

The occurrence is described as "incredibly unusual", and it happened in a Dublin hospital.

We are only a matter of hours into a new year, and a new decade, and million-to-one odds are already being defied.


Annmarie Byrne-Ryan gave birth to spontaneous identical triplets on New Year's Day in Dublin's Rotunda Hospital.

The three boys, who have yet to be named by parents Annmarie and David, were born just before midday on 1 January.

The occurrence is described as "incredibly unusual".

Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland yesterday, Annmarie said she was "a little bit tired" as she had not slept yet.

"A little bit of pain, but no I’m okay, I’m just relieved they’re here, they’re healthy and all is good at the moment anyway, thank God."

She said that she was scheduled for delivery on 8 January, but that her waters broke at home, and that once they got in to the hospital and things started "moving quickly".

She continued: "Because it wasn't planned. We got married at the end of April and went on honeymoon to Dubrovnik in May, and where most people come back with fridge magnets, myself and David brought home triplets.


"So we were in shock about that and we didn’t even know we were having them obviously until I had a bit of a bleed nine or ten weeks in and we came into the hospital and we found out then.

"Then it was even more of a shock to find out they were identical."

A nice story to start the new year with!