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08th Feb 2018

There’s an event coming up specifically to find dates for single people with beards

Paul Moore


They need bearded men and ladies that love beards. Know anyone in the UK that fits the bill?

We’re all attracted to people for different reasons but some folks can’t resist a beard. In fact, studies have shown that bearded men are more desirable and usually have more sex. Well for some!

Anyway, if you’re rocking some facial fuzz or if you fancy meeting a nice bearded gentleman and happen to be based in the UK, this event is for you.

A pop-up that’s called ‘Bearded Attraction’ will be providing an alternative Valentine’s dating experience and they need participants.

The unique pop-up dating booth will be taking place on 13 February at the shopping centre in Highcross, Leicester. Unlike Naked Attraction, you can keep your clothes on as beard-loving singletons get the chance to find their true love ahead of Valentine’s Day.

With regard to what the event involves, there’s going to be three separate groups of bearded men and beard-loving singles. The groups will be split into heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual daters. Candidates will only be shown the facial hair of each potential partner, nothing else, but are welcome to look, touch, stroke or smell to make her/his decision. The men will be eliminated until the lucky chosen one is left.

Mo Bro’s are are organising the event and they’re looking for single bearded males and potential partners to take part in this event.

We’ve been told that chin straps, goatees, bushy beards, and moustaches are all welcome but there’s one provision: facial hair must be at least two inches in length.

To apply for ‘Bearded Attraction’ you must be single and over the age of 18. All willing applicants can submit their application here.

Best of luck!