Incredibly sound Chinese boss takes 6,400 of his employees on holiday 8 years ago

Incredibly sound Chinese boss takes 6,400 of his employees on holiday

And it only cost around €33 million. Bargain!

An employee's relationship with their boss can often be a complicated one.


Some will claim to really like their boss while secretly giving out yards about them when their back is turned (honestly not us, chief), while others are lucky enough that their relationship with the head honcho is a good and a mutually beneficial one.

It helps the relationship if the boss is kind to his employees every now and again and some could do with taking a leaf out of the book of Li Jinyuan, who is President of the Tiens Group, a biotechnology multinational based in China.


Jinyuan, reportedly China's 24th richest man, treated 6,400 of the company's 12,000 strong staff to a four-day holiday in Paris and the south of France recently, taking in all the sights in the French capital and the glamour of Monaco and Cannes in the south of the country.


That journey required 7,600 seats on TGV trains travelling south from Paris, a lot of extra trains and a lot of extra staff to look after the needs of the Tiens workforce, the vast majority of whom hail from China, with a 1,000 or so workers from elsewhere thrown in for good measure.

In all, approximately 30,000 hotel rooms (mostly four and five-star) had to be booked to accomodate the ridiculously large touring party, all of whom gathered to form a human chain to spell out the phrase "Tiens' dream is Nice in the Cote d'Azur" to mark a 20-year relationship between the company and the region.

We'd never be allowed leave JOE, but if we ever do go to live and work in China, then we're definitely giving this lad a shout.

Hat-tip to The International Business Times