Ireland added to United States travel ban 3 years ago

Ireland added to United States travel ban

Ireland and the United Kingdom have been added to the United States air travel ban.

The ban - which originally comprised the 26 countries of the Schengen Zone - has now been expanded to include Ireland and the UK.


The measure is set to last at least 30 days from when it came into force on Saturday morning (14 March). Allowances remain for US green-card holders and US citizens, although those people will be redirected to one of 13 national airports being used to monitor those returning from areas affected by coronavirus.

On Friday, the World Health Organisation dubbed Europe the epicentre of the pandemic.

In the same White House press room briefing on Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump also said that he was tested for the virus on Friday and expects results in a day or two. It is believed that he has come into contact with diplomats and officials who have since been diagnosed with the illness.

"If you don’t have to travel I wouldn’t do it," Trump said. "We want this thing to end."


While the official wording of the travel ban relating to Ireland and the UK has not been published yet, a statement is expected later today.

UPDATE: Vice President Mike Pence has said that Ireland ban will come into effect at midnight on Monday (Eastern Standard Time).