New survey reveals the biggest worry for Irish people aged 18 to 30 2 years ago

New survey reveals the biggest worry for Irish people aged 18 to 30

Don't worry, you're not alone.

There are any number of things in our day-to-day lives that keep us up at night.


From wondering if we remembered to turn the kitchen light off on our way to bed, to rehashing entire conversations and arguments in our heads a long time after they actually happened ("Ugh, this is what I should have said..."), we all share the same insomnia inducing anxieties.

However, when it comes to more specific, big issues, it is both a good and bad thing to know that they are the same ones that everyone else has, too.

Good, because it feels good that we aren't alone, but bad, because they are big enough problems that everyone else has them.

A new survey carried out by the Institute for Conflict Research (via BBC News) asked people in both the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland what worried them the most.

It turns out that 88% of people in the Republic are concerned about the lack of affordable housing in the country, with 79% in Northern Ireland sharing that concern.

90% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland aired their worries about the lack of jobs, compared to 65% with the same fear in the Republic.

Meanwhile, 53% of those in the Republic felt good about the future of the country, opposed to just 20% in the North.