Ireland named in 20 safest countries for LGBTQ+ people to travel to 1 year ago

Ireland named in 20 safest countries for LGBTQ+ people to travel to

Important information for any members of the community looking for a safe place to holiday in.

Based on the LGBTQ+ Danger Index, 150 countries from around the world are ranked based on the following criteria: Legalised same-sex marriage, worker protections, protections against discrimination, criminalisation of violence, adoption recognition, illegal same-sex relationships, propoganda/morality laws, and whether or not, on a basic level, it is a good place to live.


Obviously, it can be difficult to gauge entire countries based on these criteria, as there may be different laws or opinions towards the LGBTQ+ community depending on which part of the country you are in, which is why the United States ranks so low in the top 25.

That is due to the fact that the USA has a great deal of variation in gay rights depending on the state you're in, and there are also no constitutional or broad protections for LGBTQ+ rights under federal law in the U.S.

On the Danger Index, Sweden has been ranked most safe, scoring 322 points, while Ireland came in 16th, with a score of 244.

The reason why Ireland is that far down is because there are only broad protections against discrimination (as opposed to constitutional protections), there are laws against incitement of violence (but no specific hate crime laws), and while there are protections in place to protect workers being victimised due to their sexual orientiation, no such protections are place for those victimised due to their gender identity.

The full top 25 is below, or you can check out the full global ranking right here.

  1. Sweden
  2. Canada
  3. Norway
  4. Portugal
  5. Belgium
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Iceland
  10. Spain
  11. Malta
  12. New Zealand
  13. Netherlands
  14. Denmark
  15. South Africa
  16. Ireland
  17. Australia
  18. Uruguay
  19. Colombia
  20. Austria
  21. Germany
  22. Slovenia
  23. Luxembourg
  24. United States
  25. Guam