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Get the Factor 50 ready.

Predicting the weather for an Irish summer is like trying to understand why lots of lads are happy to walk around in those Hawaiian shorts as soon as they see feel a bit of sun on their back, it just leaves you utterly confused at times, but it seems that there's some good news on the horizon.

June and July are expected to be the hottest months of the year, according to James Madden, meteorologist with Exacta Weather.

While Madden's previous reports that Ireland was set to endure its coldest winter since 1963 wasn't exactly accurate, we're holding onto hope that he's correct with this statement below.

"As things stand, Ireland can start to look forwards to some nice weather towards the end of May, as high pressure starts to dominate proceedings. It looks like there’ll be lengthy periods of warm sunshine and above average temperatures between late May and July and although question marks surround the August period, it will certainly be a big improvement on anything we have experienced in recent years" he says.

If James is wrong again then we're going to start whipping 99 ice cream cones at his head.

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