Ireland ranked in ten most romantic Instagrammable destinations in the world 3 years ago

Ireland ranked in ten most romantic Instagrammable destinations in the world


Instagram is great and all, but there are only so many times we're willing to like your pictures of coffee or meals or whatever.


No, to really up your Insta-game, you need to be heading to more picturesque places, and you need to be heading there with someone you love.

To that end, travel experts Holiday Guru ranked "the Irish countryside" as the 10th most romantic place to get your Instagram game on in on the entire planet, stating that:

"There are certain places in our fair country that are just impossible to beat! From the stunning coastlines of Donegal to the rolling hills of the ring of Kerry, Ireland is seriously hard to beat. I just love finding that cosy pub and enjoying a lovely drink while the music plays on. My tip is to try and get a selfie beside the Cliffs of Moher. Make sure you watch out for the drop though!"

The rest of the top ten went as follows:

9. Singapore

8. Venice, Italy

7. Kyoto, Japan


6. French Polynesia

5. Bali

4. Rome, Italy

3. Barcelona, Spain

2. Paris, France


And, surprisingly, the number one spot went to London, UK, with the travel specialists stating that:

"Walk in the footsteps of Will and Kate! London well-deservedly secures first place on our list. With ‘love’ one of the most popular hashtags used in London, the city has over 106 million posts on Instagram. The app is filled with pictures of world-famous icons such as the London Eye, the red double-decker buses, Camden street food and #momentcatchers doing a selfie kiss by the Thames."

So if you want to get ALL OF THE INSTA-LIKES, hit up one of these places. Preferably with a partner to get all romantic with.