PICS: This guy in Dublin may have built Ireland's tallest snowman 5 years ago

PICS: This guy in Dublin may have built Ireland's tallest snowman

That is mighty impressive.

Everyone loves building snowmen, but this guy really took it to the next level.


JOE reader Jack McLoughlin sent in the pics, and he told us how he came about to building the snow giant:

"I am the owner of this content and all parties are happy to share it. Yesterday morning I went out early to the Barton drive roundabout beside my house in Rathfarnham and I set out to build a snowman taller than me! I’m 6 foot 3."

"I achieved this and my parents were most proud of course. I even got support from the local shops that gave me bunting! Then when I had finished I thought to myself, I can go bigger. And so... myself, Rory, Donal and Deirdre McCann - all Mc Cann’s! - set to work this morning on building a snow giant out in my back garden!"

"We recycled the old snow man from the roundabout - we turned it into the head of the new one - and used chisels and spades to build this one! I’m mighty proud of the beast that we have managed to create! Pure imagination, creation and teamwork went into this build. My favourite skills! We measured it at 12ft. Could this be an Irish record!?"


What do you reckon? Have you come across a bigger one than this? Let us know!