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Remember, what happens on a stag/hen stays there.

Let's be honest, the most popular activity at any bachelor or bachelorette party will always be drinking. Always.

This being said, a few hours away from the pub is a very good idea, especially since it gives the majority of people the chance for their livers to recover. We're certain that the bride/groom-to-be are also delighted to get some fresh air because they're guaranteed to be feeling a bit 'tender during the morning after.

While each stag and hen party is unique, the people at have conducted some research and discovered what Ireland's favourite activities are.

If none of these take your fancy then you'll be pleased to know that they've also added firewalking and glasswalking onto  their list of activities. Heck, isn't marriage far scarier than the prospect of walking on a bed of hot burning coals or broken glass?

How many of these activities have you done on a stag/hen do? We're not even going to ask if you successfully completed them!


  1. Paintball
  2. Funballs
  3. Clay Pigeon Shooting
  4. Surfing
  5. Coasteering


  1. Crystal Maze
  2. The Cube Challenge
  3. Cocktail Masterclass
  4. True Detective Rescue the Groom
  5. Life Nude Painting

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