Ireland's favourite sex position revealed in new Valentine's Day survey 1 year ago

Ireland's favourite sex position revealed in new Valentine's Day survey

It's a dog's life...

Given the week that's in it (Pancake Tuesday and Valentine's Day – when does that happen?) Durex took it upon themselves to do the research that no one else would dare to do.

The sexual wellbeing brand conducted research back in January 2018 among 1,443 Irish adults nationwide who shared some pretty personal details about their preferences in, or outside of, the bedroom.

Turns out that the second week of February is indeed the sexiest of the year, as according to new research, the Irish public are totally on board with embracing Valentine’s Day, with 80% saying they will mark the occasion in some way.

And it seems that as a nation, we're all totally besotted with one another.

One thing we all seem to agree on is the power of the orgasm, with 75% of survey respondents stating that having a mutual orgasm makes a relationship stronger, with many men (35%) and some women (19%) agreeing it’s important for both partners to climax every time they have sex.

And it turns out that we all actually practise what we preach, with 23% of couples continuing to have sex until both partners have climaxed and 62% making an effort to keep going until both have an orgasm.

Three cheers for mutual benefits!

When the facts are laid bare though, it’s seems men are still luckier in love.

51% of men say they climax every time when having sex, with a mere 16% of women achieving the same. However, 40% of women and 36% of men say they climax 75% of the time, slightly evening out the playing field.

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And finally, while sexual preferences may not be something we generally shout about, Durex has uncovered that the nation’s favourite position is indeed ‘doggy style’, with a whopping 37% of the vote.

Interestingly, almost equal amounts of women and men (37% and 38% respectively) voted this position as their preference. In second place is missionary with an impressive 26% and the slightly more adventurous cowgirl at 22%.

And in last place? ‘69’, with a not-to-be-laughed-at 3%.

Turns out it's a numbers game, after all.