These are the Irish jobs which are the best for claiming their tax refunds 4 years ago

These are the Irish jobs which are the best for claiming their tax refunds

Take note.

Workers in the health service have been the most pro-active at claiming back their tax refunds in 2018.


The findings come from the latest annual Index from which looks at refund applications and receipts over the last 12 months.

According to their figures, employees in the hospital/health service accounted for 17% of all of their tax refunds last year, with doctors and nurses the most likely to apply.

Information Technology and Engineering professionals were also among the top claimants for their company at 14% and 11% respectively.

Below are the top 10 industries from which workers applied for tax back from the company...

  1. Hospital/Health Service - 17%
  2. Information Technology - 14%
  3. Engineering & Electrical - 11%
  4. Retail - 10%
  5. Hotel & Bar Trades - 7%
  6. Builders and Related Trades - 5%
  7. Education - 5%
  8. Customer Service, Call Centres - 5%
  9. Financial and Insurance Services - 4%
  10. Secretarial and Admin - 4%

Top occupation in each of the top 5 industries

  1. Health & Hospital - Doctors/Nurses
  2. IT - Software Engineers
  3. Engineering/electrical - Private contractors & Local Authority Employees
  4. Retail - Shop Assistant
  5. Hotel & Bar Trades - Chef/Waitress

Speaking on the findings, Eileen Devereux, Commercial Director at said: "We are finding that more employees in the private sector, particularly in IT and tech industries, are coming forward and are much more aware of the types of rebates that they are eligible for.


"It’s encouraging to see increasing numbers of claimants coming from large multinationals and private sector companies. It could be the case that companies are diverting more time and effort to educate and inform workers about their entitlements and what may be due to them."