20 different phrases Irish people use for kissing 3 years ago

20 different phrases Irish people use for kissing

Will you shift my friend?

Thursday was International Kissing Day and if you didn't get a kiss, don't blame yourself.

There are so many different phrases for kissing in Ireland and if you didn't use the right phrase in the right county, you could have been just out of luck or in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How are there so many phrases I hear you ask? Who knows, do people just make up these words and hope that they stick or is there actually some sort of meaning behind them?

We'll let you decide...

Lob the gob

Fairly straight forward, your gob is your mouth and you want to lob it onto someone.

Go off with/go with

Go with where? Are we going for a walk? What's happening? So confused.


Never has the phrase, 'sure I'll meet you down at the football pitch' been so scary.


'I can't see you, I don't want to, sorry.' Am I invisible now or what's the craic?


He shoots, he scores. Scores on the board all round.

Eat the face

I am very sorry but there will be no cannibalism in this establishment today, thank you.


This is a very dangerous one. You could say this in Mayo and get a kiss, you could say it in Limerick and get a belt.


The most famous one. Forever making people from elsewhere confused. 'Why do you want to move me?'


For the Rugby enthusiasts, pause, touch, engage.


Sounds a bit rough. Again, another sport reference. No two-footed ones or you'll get your marching orders.


And, if ye started going out, ye would be courting.


Awake from your slumber with a lumber. Sets you up for the day.


Don't be sketching any sketchy characters though.


If ye ever had a tiff, sort it out with a skiff.


Stall the ball, as Kayne West once said 'come and meet in the bathroom stall (for a stall)'


Did you pull him? Great success. If you're good enough, you'll be pulling like a dog like the O'Donovan Brothers.


There are no words...


I'm gagging for a jagging.


It's like a surprise lob the gob. You'll be gobsmacked after a good gobsmack.


'Will you do my friend? No? Will you do me instead so?'