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30th Jan 2018

Irish Mammy serves chicken dinner in tray that had previously been used for painting

Conor Heneghan

Irish Mammy

Her son only realised what he had been eating out of after he had finished the dinner.

When someone has gone to the trouble of making you dinner, you should appreciate it in whatever form it comes, but it was only after he had eaten a dinner made by his mother that one JOE reader’s eyebrow was raised on Tuesday evening.

It’s not unusual to eat food from a foil tray – particularly meals cooked in a foil tray in an oven – and the JOE reader in question gratefully ate his chicken, leek and vegetable pastry pie from the tray as it was served.

It was only when he got to the end of the meal that he realised the tray had been used for a previous purpose and it certainly wasn’t for eating out of; the fairly prominent layers of dried paint of a grey colour around the edges are a dead giveaway.

We’re glad to report that the JOE reader in question is perfectly fine, although he did see fit to say ‘been nice knowing’ you in a WhatsApp conversation with a friend to whom he described his dining experience.

Stick it in the dishwasher and use it again, be grand.

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