Irish man takes on epic 5,000km cycle around Europe in aid of Syrian refugees 4 years ago

Irish man takes on epic 5,000km cycle around Europe in aid of Syrian refugees

What a hero.

Well, a pair of heroes, really.


Irishman Brendan Moore and his Dutch friend Tim de Jong have undertaken the task of ​cycling over 5,000 km around Europe to raise awareness for SB Overseas’ GIVE HOPE​ campaign, and the work of a number of other important organisations.

The duo are named the Flamencos Team Extranjeros, inspired by the Cordoba region in Spain, where the epic trek will begin and end.

They will travel northwards through Spain, and then on into France, Germany, Luxembourg and then Belgium, where the SB Overseas' HQ is located.

From there they will head to The Netherlands, hop on a ferry to Hull, cycle through England to Liverpool, then another ferry to Dublin.

But that is only the half of it, as they get to do it all again in reverse for the return trip to Cordoba.

They have already kicked off their trip, and you can keep up to date with how they're getting on with their updates on the Facebook page, where they've already detailed the first two days of the excursion.


Brendan and Tim are hoping to raise awareness and funding for the work of SB Overseas and a number of other great charities, making what contribution they can to ensure that the two million plus children in Syria can return to school and be given one of their basic human rights: an education.

For more information on NGOs and charities, please see

Anyone who wants to support their venture can donate on​, ​or purchase a t-shirt on the site to help raise funds and awareness for the initiative.

Best of luck lads, hopefully see you when you get to Dublin!