A German woman has set up a Facebook profile to find mysterious Irish man she really fancied 5 years ago

A German woman has set up a Facebook profile to find mysterious Irish man she really fancied

Are you "the Dublin man"?

Despite that last line sounding somewhat similar to a dodgy gang name/horrifyingly poor superhero - it appears that "the Dublin man" is something seriously worth looking for.


Frankfurt-native and hopeless romantic Kate is looking for a man she believes to be The One. Upon chatting briefly on the London Eye (famously the most romantic of tourist destinations), Kate believes she experienced love at first sight and is hoping to rekindle that love by finding her loverboy once again.

Kate is so keen to find her Irish casanova that she set up a purpose-made Facebook profile created solely to aid her on the journey of finding her "Dublin man."

Her quest began a year ago, when she published a post detailing her romantic quest and the description of her mystery man.


The Facebook post read in full:

"Dear friends in Dublin ! On St. Patricks Day I traveled to London on my own and I decided to go on the London Eye for a nice view. It was about 5pm. On the same capsule I was in there also were 3 men with 3 little kids (2 girls and a boy between 3 and 5).

"One of the men was very special to me at the very first sight. I was watching him the whole 30 minutes and got a bit nervous just minutes before the ride in the London Eye was over he came over and made me a compliment about my cloverleaf scarf I wore. We talked a little about where we are from and I told him that I'm from Frankfurt (Germany). I also announced that I don't know where to go next and that I actually wanted to celebrate St Patrick's Day in a pub or somewhere.

"He told me that he would love to join me but because of the kids he has no possibility. He also had to take care of the Kids. He's the uncle.


"Details of him: he's about 1.80m -1.85m tall, between 30-40 years old, has brown hair and a beard and very, very special light blue eyes. He has a little bit of red shining through in the hair. The other thing I remember is, that he the other two men were his brothers in law/ just brothers..I don't know. He wore a dark green quilted jacket, jeans and brown shoes.

"I don't have a name, I haven't got a number. He tipped on my shoulder and said goodbye. He seemed like he doesn't want to go.. and I didn't want to, either.

"Please..if there is any chance for me to see him again or get in contact with him -you're definitely one of the chances !! I know that it is like surching for a needle in the haystack...but this is my chance!!

"Please help me to find him ? share this in Dublin and the areas around. Invite people to this page!! Thanks from Kate."


JOE spoke to Kate, who's travelled to the same spot exactly one year later, on why she's done so and how she's never given up hope.

"Well... I'm here again, exactly one year later, because I love the idea of meeting this interesting person again. I felt in love with his wonderful light blue eyes. I guess, if we had had more time for conversation last year, it would have been a super cool evening in a pub or somewhere. I am very curious about the next two days, especially about tomorrow at 5pm at the London Eye."

So, there you have it folks. Love is real and it exists at the London Eye.

Think you know who Kate's potential love interest may be? Their life, and the lovely Kate's, could be about to change pretty dramatically.