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01st Aug 2016

Irish man sets a new world record for sheep shearing

Paul Moore

Ewe won’t believe the overall figure.

There’s no pulling the wool over the eyes of Donegal man Ivan Scott because he has just managed to set a new world record after shearing 867 wool lambs in just nine hours.

The Kilmacrennan man definitely wasn’t a sheep at the wheel when he started his epic ordeal at 5am on Sunday morning. By the time of completion, he managed to finish five rounds of shearing. Let’s be honest, the poor man must be a mutton for punishment.

Scott, a nine-time Irish champion, has now beaten the previous record that was held by New Zealender’s Don King by a solitary lamb.

We say baa humbug to any people that think sheep sharing is easy work because Scott had to trim some 97 sheep every hour in order to break the nine year old record.

The Donegal man is no stranger to breaking records because in April he also set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to shear a sheep in just 37.9 seconds.

He’s clearly leading the flock and managing to easily bleat the rest of the competition. Fair play to him.

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