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Irish rally drivers' reactions to turning over their car is ridiculously cool
Calm as you like.

Not a single f*ck given...

Michael Ray Stack and Jonathan Folan will probably go down in history as some of the most relaxed drivers and co-drivers in the world.

The pair crashed on stage 1 of the 2017 Banna Beach Resort Kerry Winter Mini Stages Rally. But it's not the crash which has caught the attention of people, rather their reaction following the their crash.

They lost control after they caught some air as a result of a bridge, and ended up colliding with a ditch and rolling their car over.

Take a look at their reaction below at the six minute mark in the video. We're not sure we'd have a similar reaction if we'd just rolled over our car but fair play to them for not letting it affect them...

Video via SVSTV

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