This Irish start-up began as Tinder's greatest success story 4 years ago

This Irish start-up began as Tinder's greatest success story

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"I started swiping right on every single woman in Dublin."


When Elva Carri changed her profile settings on Tinder to come up as "male," we doubt she knew it was the first step on her journey of becoming an entrepreneur. The original idea was to get a few girls together for a night out, but it resulted in her starting her own Irish start-up company called GirlCrew.

The success of her callout on Tinder surprised her so much, she decided to set up a Facebook group. The group's members then began organising their own events, so there was clearly a potential for growing the idea.

The crew at GirlCrew

Speaking to JOE's Carl Kinsella on The Work Shop podcast, Elva and fellow co-founder Áine Mulloy told us about what they have learned since starting up their own company. While they may not be on the lookout for new employees at the moment, they already have a good idea of what they are looking for in their colleagues.


In association with, the podcast looks at how you can make the most of every stage of your career. Speaking to people like Elva and Áine about their personal experiences, it looks at all angles of the working world.

"Something that is probably really important for all startups is having people on your team who understand the vision, the values, the direction, the purpose, the benefit," Elva said.

GirlCrew places a lot of value on providing a safe platform for women, so they often hire from within the community. People who use the platform totally understand its benefits, which is only a good thing for Elva and Áine.


"For us hiring out of the community, those people know all of that; they've gone through that cycle already and got more involved," Elva said.

"That's perfect for us, when there is opportunities for us to hire from there," she said.

The Working Life

Episode three of the podcast, titled "The Working Life," focussed on preparing young people for life after college. It can be difficult, but there's no shortage of people who have found unique ways to succeed and are willing to share their experience.


Before Aine and Elva, Carl was joined by career advisor Orlaith Tunney, Sally Cullen of the An Post graduate programme, and Chris Paye the General Manager of to discuss everything you need to know about embarking on the working life.

Talking to some of the most successful people on the island, The Workshop podcast is all about helping people on their path to better careers.

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