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Are you a travel addict? Are you 21 years old or over? Do you have an interest in writing and photography? Do you want to go to Thailand?

If you tick all of those boxes, then you’ll probably interested in a job that has recently become available courtesy of Irish travel company USIT, who are looking for a travel ambassador to basically go and have a ball in Thailand this summer.

Where do we sign?

The successful applicant will be armed with a GoPro and, with up to 20 fellow travellers, will be flown into Koh Samui before being whisked to Koh Tao and finally, on to Koh Phangan for one of the famous full moon parties on the island.

The trip will last ten days in total (2-10 June), with USIT covering flights and accommodation for the duration of the tip as well as certain activities during that time.

USIT say that they are looking for:

  • A travel addict who dreams of visiting Thailand this summer
  • Experience/interest in writing, vlogging, photography
  • A social media junkie who is a master of engaging audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
  • A highly creative sort with an outgoing personality
  • Must be 21 or over

All you need to do to apply, meanwhile, is to send a video (maximum 90 seconds) outlining why you are the dream candidate, including your favourite place you’ve travelled to so far and why you loved it so much to via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Looking for some inspiration? USIT have provided it…

Clip via USIT

The deadline for applications is 5 May 2017 and you can find out more information here.

Waiting below is probably the best business show in Ireland…

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