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29th Apr 2022

WATCH: Chaos unfolds in Israeli airport when a US family tried to bring bombshell back home

Rory Cashin

The family discovered the unexploded shell while on a beach in Israel.

Widespread panic hit Ben Gurion airport, the main international airport in Israel, when a piece of a bombshell was discovered in the passengers luggage.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting news station Kann News shared footage of the disturbance on their social channel:

The outlet later reported that a family from the US had discovered the part of the unexploded shell on a beach while on holiday in the country and were attempting to bring it back home.

BBC News reports that a member of the family removed the shell from their backpack and asked if it should instead be placed within a suitcase.

Upon seeing the ordinance, security officers ordered an immediate clearing of the vicinity. Unfortunately, a fellow passenger misheard the clearance order, who then yelled “terrorist shooting”, causing a mass panic.

Once order was returned to the situation, the American family was allowed to board their flight, after being given the all-clear following an interrogation by security officers.

Main image via Twitter/@kann_news

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