An Italian town is selling homes for just €1, but there's a catch 4 years ago

An Italian town is selling homes for just €1, but there's a catch

There's always a bloody catch, isn't there?

With a housing crisis currently testing the nation, you can't really blame your nearest and dearest if they chose to look elsewhere for a place to live.


Emigrations isn't always an ideal situation and in many cases is a deeply unfortunate illustration of problems faced by generations of Irish people, but when homes are going for a euro, how can you resist?

Sambuca, a place that is described as a "hilltop town with views over the Mediterranean island and nearby beaches", has placed dozens of dwellings on the market for €1.

The deal is aimed at reviving a community that, like a number of other rural spots in Italy, has suffered from depopulation in recent years as residents have moved to bigger cities.

But like we say, there's a catch.


The new owners must commit to refurbishing their choice of the crumbling 40 to 150-square meter dwellings within three years, at a cost starting from €15,000.

According to CNN, buyers who take the chance will not be disappointed.

Giuseppe Cacioppo, Sambuca's deputy mayor has said: "Sambuca is known as the City of Splendor.

"This fertile patch of land is dubbed the Earthly Paradise. We're located inside a natural reserve, packed with history. Gorgeous beaches, woods and mountains surround us. It's silent and peaceful, an idyllic retreat for a detox stay."


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