"I think we're friends now!" J1 student who didn't recognise the Taoiseach tells Irish radio 5 years ago

"I think we're friends now!" J1 student who didn't recognise the Taoiseach tells Irish radio

"Far from shrimp tacos and sautéed cauliflower he was raised."

We came across a story on Tuesday morning about an Irish student called Emma Kelly who didn't know she was serving Leo Varadkar at work. 


The Taoiseach, who was in very casual attire of a black t-shirt and a pair of shorts, came into Kelly's place of work in Chicago and was asked by the young Dublin student "if he was Irish?" before being told that he was being put on the "wait list".

When he was eventually given a table, it was "tiny".

Kelly was on Today FM with Dermot and Dave to give the full story about what happened when she served the Taoiseach:

"They had a reservation and I heard them speaking and I asked them 'are you Irish? Me too', they didn't really respond and I put them on a waiting list and sent them to the bar.

"About twenty minutes later, I sat them at a really tiny two person table and they were very disappointed. Eimear, who is the other host came over to me then and said 'you do realise that's Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach?'"


Kelly was hugely embarrassed and went over and apologised to the Taoiseach, who said to her that it was actually "nice to be treated like a normal person" for once.

"I think we're friends now." said Kelly before revealing that the Taoiseach ordered "shrimp tacos and sautéed cauliflower," to which the hosts replied, far from that sort of food he was raised.

Kelly's place of work is close to the Chicago Cub Stadium. The girl went to a baseball game and, in true Irish fashion, got royally scalded.

"[My friends and I] went to a game but came back like lobsters. I didn't understand the game for about three hours and sure it was over by then."


The brief conversation lasted around five minutes and the Dubliner proved to be quite the humorous character. When asked if any other famous person had came into the restaurant, she replied: "Sure even if they did, I probably wouldn't know."