Our top 5 job hunt prep tips to help you land your next career move 4 years ago

Our top 5 job hunt prep tips to help you land your next career move

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Get ready to find your new job.


As exciting as it is when you find a new job, the process can often seem daunting at the start. Having to re-jig your CV and cover letter for each application might not sound like a lot of fun, but there are plenty of ways to make that easier too.

Having already shown you some of the sectors that are currently hiring, we want to help you to be the one to get in the door. Regardless of whether you're looking for your first job, looking to make a change or in drastic need of something new, there is always a job out there.

1. Always be prepared

No matter how much you are enjoying your current position, there is never any harm in getting an idea of what's out there. That way when the time does come that you are ready to make a change, you'll have a good idea of what you want to go for.


Preparation is key, regardless of your current situation.

2. Never stop networking

Networking doesn't have to be anything formal, and it certainly doesn't have to be difficult. Printing out business cards is surprisingly easy, and is without question the easiest way to exchange details.


College friends, former work colleagues, friends and family are all part of your network. Ireland is a small country, so we guarantee you that a few well-placed WhatsApp messages could end up putting you in contact with the right people.

If you do meet people that work in your chosen industry, make the most of it. A friendly handshake or a casual chat can go a long way.

3. Learn from past interviews


If you have been unsuccessful in your last few interviews, use them to your advantage. Some of the best advice you will ever receive could be from a company that felt you didn't have what they were looking for.

If you receive an email or a phone call telling you that you didn't get a job, ask them for feedback. Explain that you are always looking to improve your skills and would appreciate some feedback.

The worst thing they can say is "no," and it's a chance to leave things on a good note with a company you wanted to work for. That's networking right there.

4. Have the right attire


No, you don't have to wear an Armani suit for every job interview. Pay attention to what dress code is suggested for any given position.

If it doesn't say what to wear, ask. The more you talk to the person who is interviewing you, the better.

Whether it's smart or casual attire they're looking for, embrace it. Have a few different outfits laid out that you can use depending on the scenario.

5. Be flexible

Yes, there is a good chance that you already have a good idea of where you want to work.

There is no need to lose sight of that, but the road there doesn't have to be straightforward. A job that might not sound like the most appealing at first could end up giving you the experience you need for your dream job.

Good things don't necessarily come to those who wait, they come to those with the patience to stay focused on a long-term long term goal.

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