Job will pay you €1,500 per month to look after some very good dogs 3 years ago

Job will pay you €1,500 per month to look after some very good dogs

A dream job for anyone that loves dogs.

With the Christmas season coming up, it's very likely that you'll know someone that's interested in earning a little extra cash to line their pockets. It's also very likely that you know somebody that's obsessed with dogs, so this job posting will appeal to them too!


Hell, even Bill Gates might consider quitting his billion dollar job to work with some doggos because after all...DOGS!

Anyway, are looking for minders and dog walkers that have the patience and time to take care of some new furry friends.

The posting states that the salary is €1,500 per month and the company are currently seeking qualified dog lovers to help mind and walk the dogs.

The posting states: "Are you an animal lover with dog care experience looking to care for dogs full/part-time or just on the weekend? Then HouseMyDog is the perfect job for you! Like hanging out with dogs? Prefer to make your own schedule? Like being greeted with cuddles everyday? Been a dog sitter or owned a dog before?"


Well, if this sounds like you, or someone that you know, you could be in luck.

In terms of the legal requirements, applicants must be over 18-years-old and they must love dogs. D'uh!

For those curious about the site, HouseMyDog is Europe's largest on-demand dog sitting service to instantly find and book a reliable, experienced and trustworthy dog sitters to care for your pet when your away.

Basically, it's like Airbnb for dogs because it's an online community where dog owners can connect with dog sitters to find a safe and loving home for their dogs while they travel.


For those interested in making some money and a few new furry friends, more information can be found here.