New Irish Instagram-style app aims to replace your CV for good 4 years ago

New Irish Instagram-style app aims to replace your CV for good

Personality takes priority.

Constructing a CV is among the most annoying things to ever have to do in this life, up there with ironing clothes and signing cards for colleagues you've never previously spoken to.


Finding a job can be tough enough without having to stress over line spacing, font sizes and styles, and just how honest you should be in the 'personal details' section.

What we're getting at here is that the classic two-page-max CV might be due some class of upgrade.

Step forward the team at Dublin-based start-up Pineapple, who just may have cracked it.

Now available on the App Store, Pineapple adopts an approach similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat, curating a more engaging and personal way for both employers and job seekers to land a new situation that works for them.


Candidates and businesses can message each other on the app and businesses can send calendar invites to candidates to schedule meetings.

As seen above, a 'story' replaces a candidate's CV, amounting to a collection of photos and videos that text can be applied to.

An optional 45-second video message can be added to each application.


"Hiring is boring, impersonal and slow so we built Pineapple to fix that," say the team, founded by entrepreneur Oliver Cruise, designer David Diamond and business strategist Phil Martin.

"We just felt that it is time that we moved past paper CVs, which are generally very dull and not a enjoyable process for either the business or the candidate," says Cruise.

"It shouldn’t be the first interaction between a business and its potential new staff member - the person should be at the forefront of the whole recruitment process."

Pineapple app


The Android version of the app is currently being built and is expected to be released within the next three months.

For more information, hit up the official Pineapple website.