JOE and Jameson's FOMO Emergency Response Guide 8 years ago

JOE and Jameson's FOMO Emergency Response Guide

What do you mean you don’t know what FOMO means? The acronym stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out.’



You see? Missing out on the definition of acronyms like FOMO is exactly the sort of craic that will pass you by if you don’t take the opportunity to head out with the lads.

We all have that one mate that secretly and perhaps reluctantly wants to come out, but still needs convincing from you and your band of merry followers.

Arguments like “it’ll be a laugh and a half” just aren’t going to cut it we’re afraid and so, to help your cause, JOE and Jameson will update our FOMO Emergency Response Guide each week, providing you and your brothers-in-arms with tips, suggestions and fail-safe methods in order to get your buddy off his bum and down to the bar.

FOMO Tip Number 1


The friend who will not come out has an obstacle standing in your way. That obstacle is their partner.

Maybe your friend's loved one has convinced them to stay in for the night with promises of sweet nothings? Or they’ve bribed your buddy with a Die Hard/Predator DVD double combo?

Impressive move.

But fear not, you can counteract these stay-in tactics by promising your friend that, if they do come out tonight, then you and your gang of friends can brilliantly reenact the best scenes from both Die Hard AND Predator.


He won't be able to resist.

"Get to the chopper!" Or the chipper, depending on what part of the night it is...

We're not so sure about the sweet nothings though...


FOMO Tip Number 2

It’s all about incentive. Why not promise to buy your friend his first Jameson?

If he doesn't have to put his hands in his pocket then he'll be more likely to put his feet out the door, and then you're both on track for a great night out.

Money well spent.

So there you have it lads, the first two crucial FOMO emergency response suggestions for whenever your forlorn, misguided friend decides to stay in for the night.


You're welcome.