JOE loves this Birdseye slim-fit jacket from Gagliardi 6 years ago

JOE loves this Birdseye slim-fit jacket from Gagliardi

We like the look of this Gagliardi slim navy blue number so much that we are currently contemplating the best way to get ourselves invited to more glitzy events in an effort to get more excuses to wear it

JOE doesn't get to go to too many black tie events. We're not exactly sure why, but it might be something to do with the fact that we're not an international man of mystery, but that said, it doesn't stop us from buying evening wear so that we're well prepared when we finally get the call to sit at the high rollers' table at the casino.

For that reason, we've decided that we want to get our hands on this gem of a blazer from Gagliardi, that will make us look as if we take our Martini shaken, and not stirred.


The two-button single-breasted jacket is a beautiful shade of midnight blue that will stand out in a sea of plain black, and the satin shawl collar is a perfect detail to pick up the colour of your neck attire for the evening. Of course, a bow tie is pretty much mandatory. It's also fully lined with with a polka dot pattern and the purple lining of the pockets is yet another small detail that offers some contrast.

Of course, a few of you will be looking at the jacket and wondering where you have seen a similar piece before, on someone that is very well-known. Well, we'll give you a hint; Craig, Daniel Craig.


This stylish jacket is available for €269, and if it's good enough for James Bond it's good enough for us. We're off to organise an evening soirée with champagne and cocktails so we have an excuse to wear this, but before we go, if you fancy winning €250 clams towards some lovely clobber from Gagliardi on their website, just head on over yonder and fill in an easy peasy form.