JOE loves this Marshall Artist hooded jacket 8 years ago

JOE loves this Marshall Artist hooded jacket

The chilly weather is here so it's time to put together your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, starting with a look at your outerwear

A good jacket is a vital piece of your wardrobe, and it's time to start looking at what's available in outerwear for the Autumn/Winter season this year.


One of our favourite pieces is this hooded nylon jacket from Marshall Artist. It's modern and masculine, and draws on a military-style colour palette while still having an urban feel. Camouflage looks like it's a trend that's making its way back in to the mainstream, so drawing from those military colours could be a nice way to tap into that feel without going full on 1990s and getting some camo combats to go with your NSync mix tape.

With wetter weather on the way we're sure the hood will come in handy, and being made of nylon it should keep you pretty dry. You can pick this up at Arnotts for €110, and you can find plenty more Marshall Artist gear at Arnotts, all at some very affordable prices.

Marshall Artist Zip

This will pair well with a dark polo and a pair of jeans for a casual night out with a relaxed feel, as JOE's Mike Sheridan can be seen sporting here.


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