JOE loves this North Face Parka 9 years ago

JOE loves this North Face Parka

A good Winter coat is an essential part of the wardrobe at this time of year

The parka jacket is both stylish and functional, which is why it hasn't gone out of style in recent years and with the cold weather looking like it's here to stay for the next few months, this piece might be your best bet for staying warm while looking cool. We're also pretty confident that North Face know what they're doing when it comes to technical outerwear like this, so if you do happen to get stuck up a mountain in a snow storm for some reason (what you do in your spare time is not for us to question) then you won't need anything else to keep you from freezing. This jacket is available from Arnotts for €380, but that's what you should be expecting to fork out on a quality jacket. It's a key piece of your wardrobe where you should allocate a decent wedge of your budget for Autumn/Winter. North Face Parka Partner it with a pair of jeans for a casual but comfortable look, and you can throw on a pair of runners like JOE editor Mike Sheridan does here to complete the football casuals look. To see more of the Arnotts Autumn/Winter Menswear fashion collections, click here.