JOE’s Car Review: Nissan Juke Nismo 6 years ago
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JOE’s Car Review: Nissan Juke Nismo

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This week, JOE’s Oisin Collins has been out test-driving the new Nissan Juke Nismo. It’s like the normal Nissan Juke, but with an added Nismo-sized bite…

Car tested: Nissan Juke Nismo 1.6L Turbocharged Petrol 197hp – €29,875

We’ll start this review off as we always do here on JOE by asking, ‘Who would drive the Nissan Juke Nismo’? Well, firstly, anyone who knows anything about cars will definitely want a go in the Nismo tuned Juke. This version isn’t just your normal Juke, as Nissan’s mechanical magicians in the Nismo tuning department – Nismo being short for Nissan Motorsport, in case you didn't know – have given the beast a once over.

Personally, I’d say the Juke Nismo is well suited for anyone who is looking for a large, yet sporty, motor that comes straight from the showroom with an added kick and one that both performs well and looks the part. However, having said all that, your mammy might think it looks a bit too ‘aggressive looking’… which is probably a good thing, in fairness.

The Drive

The Juke Nismo features a 197hp 1.6L turbocharged petrol engine and while you won’t be setting records on the Nürburgring anytime soon, you’ll certainly notice, and seriously enjoy, the extra few ponies (the non-Nismo equivalent features 187bhp) and the low grumble of the exhaust.

For a large car the Juke Nismo offers some seriously responsive steering and tight suspension, thanks to the Nismo upgrades and wider tires, and putting the Juke through a few fast corners will feel like child’s play. No really, it’s great fun. The steering wheel is also kitted out with Alcantara fabric (the fancy suede-like material you find in some racing car steering wheels) along with a red centre line, so you know where exactly how far your wheel is turned at all times. It also helps to make you feel like an actual racecar driver.

As for the turbocharged engine, you’ll really feel the extra kick once you get up into the high revs and the car’s large exhaust will emit a nice growl without sounding like you’ve glued an empty tin can stuck on the end. There are also three driving modes to choose from including, Sport, Eco and Normal.

The Style

The Juke Nismo features an array of cool extras that you won’t find on the normal Juke. Apart from the Nismo badges, which lets fellow petrolheads know you mean business, the exterior of the Juke Nismo features black 18” Alloy wheels, full Nismo bodykit with a stylish red insert, a completely redesigned front bumper, red wing mirrors and a spoiler that actually does its job.

On the inside, the Juke Nismo offers a push-start button, a red rev counter, racing style seats with real suede & red stitching, an Alcantara & leather steering wheel with that red centre mark we were talking about earlier, and finishing it all off a black carbon centre console just in case you forgot that the Juke Nismo is one seriously sporty beast.


The Juke Nismo really does look the part and once you’ve gotten used to the fact that it’s not quite a car and not quite a SUV (it is a ‘Crossover’, after all) you’ll find yourself staring at it in admiration.

You’ll also be able to spot your fellow petrolheads from a mile away as they’ll be sure to give the car a once over after getting a look at the sporty bodykit and Nismo badge. I’ve had the luxury of driving the Nissan Juke Nismo for a week now and I’ve already had two car park conversations with random shoppers regarding the Nismo modifications…

Sex Appeal

Up close and personal, the Juke Nismo is one seriously sexy beast. I also can’t help but shake the feeling that I’m driving around in Darth Vader’s personal transportation vehicle, which is fitting seeing as the lads in Nissan Japan recently used Stormtroopers for a Juke advertisement.

The car is obviously aimed at the driver who has always dreamt of owning a tuned Nismo without having to pay an arm and a leg (or a left testicle) for one, which means the new Juke Nismo will appeal to a different, younger audience than the normal Juke might.

The only downside about the Nismo version is that it might be a little too aggressive looking for the conservative driver. However, this is Nissan we’re talking about and making conservative cars isn’t really what they do, which is something that a lot of us petrolheads are very thankful for…

Some Stats

Price – €29,875
0-100kph – 7.8secs
Max Speed – 215km/h
CO2 – 159/km
Tax Band – 156/170 (€570pa)
Fuel Consumption – 40.9mpg

The Verdict

You honestly won’t go too wrong with the Nissan Juke Nismo, no matter what kind of driver you are. It’s well suited to everyone, from the lad who’s just looking for a bit of growl and a decent amount of horsepower, to the family man who needs a safe and reliable car, but one than can perform on command. The styling isn’t going to suit everyone’s tastes, but sure there’s always one…

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