Anne Doyle to space porn: JOE's comments of the week 6 years ago

Anne Doyle to space porn: JOE's comments of the week

Here at JOE, we get plenty of feedback from our Facebook page.

Some of it positive, some of it not so positive and some of it... well, some of it is just ridiculous.


Nonetheless, we love getting engagement from our readers, especially when it gives us an insight into an article that we may have missed.

Like this commenter who gave us a great name for the possible upcoming porn movie set in space.


Or Maureen, who recognised that JOE is human too. We can sometimes mak mistaaakes. structure

Then there's Brendan, who prefers his news with an Irish twist.


While Derek reckons they're a bit frugal up in Cavan. cava


But our commenter of the week has to be Darragh, who shared a little bit of joy with all of us. darragh

Thanks Darragh, ya big sound legend.

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