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10th Jun 2014

JOE’s fantastic Father’s Day gift guide – Part 3

That's right folks, Father's Day is almost upon us, so here are five more great ideas to help you choose the perfect present...


That’s right folks, Father’s Day is almost upon us, so here are five more great ideas to help you choose the perfect present…

Star Wars ‘You Are My Father’ Mug

Most dads will be familiar with that Star Wards franchise. It’s back in the news right now as Disney are set to make more films from the Star Wars saga. Why don’t you get him this hilarious mug, yes hilarious mug which plays on one of the most iconic scenes in movie history?


You know the one. The scene where Darth Vader informs Luke Skywalker that he owes him a few birthday presents. Yeah, that one. You can order this mug and have his face printed on it too adorned with Vader headgear. What dad in the world wouldn’t like that??? You can order the mug and have all the details appear on it by clicking here

Arse/Face Bath Towel

Why not seem like a very funny legend in your Dad’s eyes, by buying him this towel? It’s a towel which clearly defines which end of the towel is for the arse and which end is for the face. You know how it is in the mornings when not many men can tell their arse from their face.


With this handy towel and it’s clearly defined instructions, your Dad will not have to wonder any more. You can but this classy piece of merchandise right here. No more confusion!

The Levitating Strobe Pen

The what now? The levitating strobe pen. I bet your Dad is sick of pens that just lie there doing nothing. I bet your Dad has only ever had pens that just write, but have no other uses. How would you like to blow your Dad’s mind with this little piece of physics wizardry?


So when most ordinary pens are just lying there doing nothing, your Dad can marvel at his own pen which seems to levitate and spin around magically. The cool gadget pen floats in thin air without any support, held in space by the magnetic force between the pen itself and the base.The Levitating Strobe Pen gets even more impressive when you spin the pen. As you watch it spin, it generates a strobe effect. How cool is that?!

L’Oréal Paris The Men Expert – Quick Groomer

This combined Face Care and and deodorant set is the perfect gift for Dad. He’ll be smelling and feeling fresh as a daisy! The moisturiser helps to reduce the feeling of irritation caused by shaving and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.


This non greasy, non-sticky moisturising cream, which is alcohol free, provides a dual action and will also help your Dad stave off the appearance of (even more) wrinkles for the time-being…

Available in all good retailers for RSP €8.99, this is the perfect gift for any man in your life.

The Coen Brothers Collection

The Coen Brothers have been making brilliant movies for quite some time now and have the Oscars to prove it. They’ve made classics such as The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Millers Crossing, Raising Arizona and many more. Why not be a complete legend in your Dad’s eyes, by buying him this Blu-Ray collection of four of their best films.


The films featured are Miller’s Crossing, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona and the amazing Fargo. Of course, it is one of those presents which you can enjoy too and that’s what Father’s Day presents are all about. Buying presents for Dad that you know you will use too. The perfect crime. Order it here

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