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14th Apr 2014

JOE’s Film Podcast – Episode XV: Noah Country for Old Men

The movie podcast is back, and there's a load of stuff about a man and his massive boat


The movie podcast is back, and there’s a load of stuff about a man and his massive boat

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Fear not everyone, we’re all alive and well. Another week, another missed podcast, but Sue “Too Busy for Life” Murphy, Eoghan ‘Wet Hands’ Doherty and Adrian “Never Goes to the Cinema” Collins are back, talking absolute nonsense in a room that someone recorded for some reason.

They run through the box office top ten, chat about Russel Crowe and his latest epic Noah, as well as Calvary and some incredible performances from the Gleeson clan. Not only that but there’s some chat about The Raid 2 and we even caught up with director Gareth Evans for a quick chat about movies and fighting.

That wasn’t the only interview we managed to get however, as we’ve had a busy few weeks. We caught up with Richard Ayoade to talk about The Double, star of The Hobbit Richard Armitage to chat about desolation techniques, and finally we also caught up with Brendan Gleeson and John Michael McDonagh to chat about Calvary, but we’re not finished yet.

Over on, Sue Murphy was busy chatting to Killian Scott and John McDonagh, while she also caught up with Joanne and Steven O’Riordan about their inspirational documentary No Limbs, No Limits, so you have loads of reading ahead of you.

There’s a visit to the Trailer Park too, to chat about the latest Star Wars news (this is not the news you’re looking for), a little bit of a teaser about Godzilla, and plenty of more random ramblings spread throughout the podcast. Who ever said poor planning would result in a show that sounds as if we couldn’t care less if people were listening or not? Speaking of our poor organisation, there’s no SoundCloud this week, but we’ll try and get that sorted as soon as possible.

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