JOE's Hidden Treasures: Cork 6 years ago

JOE's Hidden Treasures: Cork

We've already seen the Hidden Treasures of Dublin and Galway, so now let's see what Cork has to offer.

Cork is a small city with a huge buzz around town.


It's a tourist hotspot with lots going on, so here are Jameson and JOE's best hidden treasures in the Rebel County.

Place: The Oval (pub)

You'd easily pass The Oval without even realising, because it's stuck in a corner and has possibly the most narrow entrance to a pub ever.

But once you're in you're treated to a very cool and vibrant bar, where the classics are played, the lights are dimmed to the perfect level and the chat you'd expect to hear is all sport and music.


It's actually sunny... and warm!! Grab a seat and watch the world pass by on South Main Street. 'Tis only glorious out there!

Posted by Oval Bar on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Place: Liberty Grill (restaurant)


Located right in the heart of the city on Washington Street, Liberty Grill is a restaurant full of modern colour in every sense of the word.

The go-to on the menu has to be Liberty Grill's famous brunch - you won't be disappointed and you certainly won't be hungry afterwards.


Canadian Fall Salad

Posted by Liberty Grill on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Place: Triskel Arts Centre (arts centre)

For all you young culture vultures, look no further than Triskel Arts Centre in the city centre.

The theatre is a great spot for live music, cinema, visual art, books, live performances and more and comes complete with a bar and café.


The performance theatre is actually a restored 18th century building, so you will really feel the Gothic-like atmosphere.

Place: The Pav Cork (bar)

If you want to hear the best and most alternative, yet at the same time, current music trends and artists, then head to The Pav, just off Patrick's Street on Carey's Lane.

We're talking Sunday jazz sessions, the best of indie and dance beats. The drinks flow and, if you want to slow down the pace a bit and fill that belly, the food is fantastic.

the pav

Place: Comedy improv at The Roundy (event) 

If you're looking for something to do with your Tuesday nights, then look no further. Snatch Comedy Improv take over The Roundy in the city centre every week and they're bloody brilliant. Go have a look for yourselves, we are sure you'll agree.


Have no plans and need some inspiration? Then look to the Jameson Magic 8 Barrel. Just ask your question and see where the night takes you. You could even win tickets to the Bow St. Sessions, a night of collaborative music from some of Ireland’s best live acts! 

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