JOE’s InstaReview: All-new Ford Mustang 8 years ago

JOE’s InstaReview: All-new Ford Mustang

JOE’s Oisín Collins was recently invited over to Germany with Ford Ireland to test out the all new 2015 ‘European’ Ford Mustang.

We ventured over to Germany to test out Ford’s latest generation of Mustang (the 6th, for those counting), which has been built with European drivers in mind, and there really was no better place than the Autobahn to test out what the Mustang’s 2.3L EcoBoost and massive 5.0L V8 engines had to offer.


Ford Ireland says they haven’t benchmarked the car against any other and it’s pretty clear as to why – this is a car that sits in its very own weight class.

The Looks


The Interior

The Engine


The Sound


The Verdict…

Without question, the 2015 Ford Mustang is one of the most enjoyable cars we’ve tested here on JOE. It looks fantastic and you can clearly see the resemblance to the original Mustang with the low arching roofline and the powerful shark-bite design of the front grille.

For the first time in the Mustang’s 50-year history the car will be officially sold by European Ford dealers (any Mustangs you may have seen in Ireland in the past would have been left-hand drive imports), so that’s sure to get petrol-heads excited.

Interest in the car is very high and Ford Ireland have already taken a few orders for the new Mustang, which is set to be unleashed in Ireland in November. So keep your eyes peeled...

Even more exciting is the fact that prices start from just €46,000 for the 2.3L fastback model. So if you’ve ever dreamed of owning an American muscle car with a lot of bite and a big shouty engine, but one that won’t necessarily break the bank, then you’re in luck.


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