JOE's Movember Rankings: Almost there... 8 years ago

JOE's Movember Rankings: Almost there...

Drum roll, please... it's time to rank JOE's Movember moustaches from bottom to top, from baby to Burt, from not so deadly to Dali. You get the idea.

JOE, with support from Zaconey, have thrown together a team of mustachioed legends who are trying to raise awareness and cash for men's health issues.  They're also trying to raise the level of their manliness here in JOE Towers; some have been more successful than others...


Here are the latest rankings from JOE's Movember effort:

6 - Colm Reid

Colm (2)

Reports that Colm is actually a fighter pilot from the 1940's have yet to be confirmed... or denied, for that matter. His pencil tache could do with being sharpened though, hence his drop down the list.


Mo rating: 2/5 - More lead balloon than Freddy Mercury

5 - Eanna Walsh 


Eanna moves up the rankings as JOE loves a splash of ginger in our mos. His progression into the Lorax isn't quite complete yet, but he's getting there.


Mo Rating: 2.5/5 - Must be careful to avoid hipster status. 

4: Eoghan Doherty 


We would write a brief synopsis of Eoghan's mo, but his expression is freaking us out a little so we're just going to move on.


Mo Rating: 3/5 - Look into his eyes, this is a man who has seen things... such as better moustaches.

3: Peter Cooney


Did we mention we love a ginger moustache... cause we really do. We've rarely seen a man garnishing a Garfield mo so quickly and we're impressed.

Mo rating: 3.5/5 - Ready for the YMCA reboot. 


2: Paul Moore


Paul misses out on first-place for a couple of reasons: firstly it's been claimed that the green screen behind him was extended to the moustache area and his mo is due to special effects and secondly because of the hairy man-beast who did claim top prize...

Mo Rating: 4/5 - Set for a long career as a creepy magician. 

1: Rob Timony

image1 (5)

Rob intends on turning his moustache into a fine winter jacket once Movember ends. The man has clearly defeated Movember; this mo is truly superb.

Mo Rating: 5/5 - No better man for a mo.

We want YOU to join the Movember team, which is being backed by Zaconey.

To join our Movember team and to make a donation, please click here.