JOE's MOVEMBER Rankings - the halfway point 8 years ago

JOE's MOVEMBER Rankings - the halfway point

You may remember we introduced you to JOE's epic team of Movember participants at the start of the month...

Well, it's a couple of weeks in and our effort, which is being supported by Zaconey, has begun to take shape. The guys have been getting stares of admiration on a daily basis... at least we're assuming those stares are in admiration.


But it's time to rank the list from top to bottom and see who is the current star of JOE's Movember team. Of course things can change and no title was ever won at the halfway point, but these are the current rankings.

5. Eanna Walsh


Eanna may have been higher up the list if he did not force the reader's of JOE to view up his nose. A fine attempt is being lost by a lack of shaping - that guy needs some wax.


Mo rating - 2/5 - A baby Burt Reynolds

4. Colm Reid


Rumours of black-pen and pencil shading continue to surround Colm's attempt at winning the title. Although his tasche is well defined, it hasn't reached full maturity yet and is set for a rise up the table towards the end of the month.


Mo Rating - 2.5/5 - More butcher's Deli than Salvador Dali 

3. Eoghan Doherty




Eoghan is the Super Mario to Colm's Luigi and everyone knows Mario's mo is the better of the two...

Mo Rating - 3/5 - Becoming Borat 

2. Peter Cooney 


Don't get us wrong, we never doubted Peter's masculinity, but we also never thought he'd look at home in the professional wrestling ring. He could easily form a partnership with this guy called the Mo Bros.


Celebrity Sightings In London - May 19, 2014

MO Rating - Hulktastic - 4/5 

1. Rob Timony 


It is not yet clear whether Rob is half Bulgarian, but there is definitely evidence to suggest he is. He actually reminds us of another great wearer of the moustache... Mr Sean Connery.


Mo Rating - 4.5/5 - Tip-top, although we hope he doesn't own the above outfit. 

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