JOE's Style Icons - Brogues 9 years ago

JOE's Style Icons - Brogues

Good design makes you happy, and there are few stylish designs better than the humble Brogue

A style of shoe that originated here in Ireland and across the water with our Celtic brothers in Scotland, the design of the brogue is a timeless classic. Originally intended to facilitate drying by putting the perforated holes in the upper that allowed water to leak out when dealing with our rather wet climate and damp terrain like bog, but they've come a long way from those humble beginnings.


Now a wardrobe staple for any man, they're an acceptable form of footwear for pretty much any occasion, be it formal or informal, and they certainly can help you up your game on the style front.

Street Style - London Collections: MEN AW14 - January 06 To January 08, 2014

There's a huge amount of variety and different styles of brogue available, from wingtip to Oxford, and the majority of them will always be on trend, and in particular at the moment there is a huge selection of colours and materials that make your footwear a focus of your outfit, whether you choose a classic look, go for a two-tone, or as Elvis put it, get yourself a pair of blue suede shoes.

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